Virus Scanner

Scan single or multiple files for viruses using latest version of more than 3 dozen AntiViruses. Easy to use virus scanner scans file using VirusTotal and gets you detailed antivirus report in your inbox. Download free version of this shareware Virus Scanner and scan your files really easily.

How to Use Virus Scanner

Given below paragraph details how to use the Virus Scanner and what to expect. You would first need to configure the software and then you will be able to use the virus scanner to scan single or multiple files.

Download & Install Virus Scanner

The First step is to download the Virus Scanner. Once you download it, run the setup and install the virus scanner. During the installation, the setup will prompt you whether you wish to create a desktop shortcut for the software and if you want to have the desktop shortcut for the software, check it. In case you would not like to have a desktop shortcut, you can launch the virus scanner from the programs menu.

Launch the Virus Scanner

Launch the Virus Scanner from Desktop Shortcut or from the Programs Menu. The first time you launch the software, it will prompt you a message reminder. Please do read it completely and then click on OK. As of this writing, the one time message box looks like as given below.

MessageBox displaying information about the Virus Scanner

Virus Scanner Configuration

The Virus Scanner presented here works by scanning your selected files online and hence requires an internet connection. The Virus Scanner send the selected file(s) by email to VirusTotal. Once the file reaches VirusTotal, they scan the file with multiple antiviruses and sends back the file scan report. The Virus Scan Report as of this writing contains file scanning by around 40 AntiViruses.

All you need to do for the configuration setting is specify your email's settings. There are 4 parameters required for the configuration of this Virus Scanner. Specify your emaail's SMTP settings and click on Save Settings. That's it, the Virus Scanner is now ready to scan your selected files with an active internet connection.

Free Software to scan selected files with multiple Antiviruses

Scan Files with Multiple Antiviruses

To Scan files with multiple antiviruses, you would need an active internet connection and need to make sure that the file you wish to scan is less than 20 MB in size. There is no limitation in number of files you can scan but you just need to make sure that every file is of less than 20 MB in size. In case you do specify a file whose size is greater than 20 MB, that particular file will not be scanned.

Click on the button Browse File to be Scanned and select any file. Once you have selected the file, it will be sent by email to VirusTotal automatically and you should receive the antivirus report shortly in your inbox.

You can also drop files onto the software's window and they will be scanned as well. In case you drop a folder from Windows Explorer or from Desktop onto the main window of the Virus Scanner, all the files in that folder will be scanned.

When the Software is sending the files to be scanned, it will appear as Not Responding, however inside it will be working fine. Depending on the file(s) size and your internet connection speed, the software will become not responding and once it is done, you can close the virus scanner software or just minimize it.

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